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How do I drive targeted traffic to my website?

Is your website — which you paid a bundle to have developed — just sitting there doing nothing? Wouldn’t it be great if your website was your worldwide virtual sales representative, at a fraction of the cost of a live sales rep?

Think about it, your website could be a 24/7 sales rep that does not take weekends off, go on holiday, or get sick. You could expand your business to Europe or the United States or Australia or anywhere without the costs of manned satellite offices.

At HerJoo we make it happen with Google AdWords.

With Google AdWords, you can...

Google dominates the search market, with about 67% of all searches being Google searches. That makes a Google search results page an incredibly valuable place to advertise.

AdWords allows subscribers to advertise in the “sponsored listings” on Google search results pages and on other websites using text, banner, or image ads. The ads are displayed according to keywords typed in the search box on the Google website or depending on the content of the website visited. When you buy an ad in a magazine, you pay whether or not anyone ever reads your ad. But with AdWords, you only pay when your ads are clicked on, hence the name Pay Per Click or PPC ads.

But navigating AdWords to properly set up a PPC campaign isn’t easy.

You see you have to know …

Many people who attempt to set up and run their own Google AdWords accounts burn through a lot of cash without making significant sales.

Here at HerJoo we have the knowledge and know-how to
setup and administer your account.

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